lørdag 31. mars 2012

Henna part three

I can finally show you a picture of my hennaed hair, unfortunately it's a bit windy outside today, but you get the picture. Ha ha. It's funny how the colourr in the sunlight, (picture to the left) it's usually not that red. As usual, you can click on the picture to get a larger version.

The second picture is in cloudy weather, with flash, and the third, with no flash. As you can see, the difference is remarkable between the three, and I like it!

Luckily you can't see the roots, they will need a new application soon. I'm not sure if I'll do just the roots, or all the hair, we'll see.

In the sun
Cloudy, no flash

Cloudy, with flash

fredag 30. mars 2012

Taster's Choice coffee

Pictures borrowed from Tasterschoice.com
It seems that I'm always on the hunt for good coffee. However, some 
days I also like it simple, like when I'm at work. There is a coffee machine where I work, but I'm not a big fan, the taste is... interesting. 

So when I found Nescafé Taster's Choice in Hazelnut and Vanilla, I had to try them. These are instant coffees, boxes of 20 single servings. I love them, and may just have ordered more. 

I got them from iHerb, if you want to try these, or any other iHerb products, you can use the code QEX019 for $5 off your first order under $40, or $10 off your first order over $40. 

søndag 25. mars 2012

Simple things

Simple Things in Posh Yarn Elinor "A man walks into a bar"
I knew I had forgotten something. Something other than my hennaed hair. I had forgotten to show two of the Christmas presents I gave away last year. Unfortunately they were both wrapped up before I realized that the pictures were crappy, but taking pictures during winter in Norway is never easy. :( I guess I should just be happy that I remembered taking pictures.

So, both of these are from the pattern Simple Things, made by Mary-Heather Cogar, and they're both knit on needles 3,5 mm, US 4.

The first one is knit in Posh Yarn Elinor, the colourway is called " A man walks into a bar".

Simple Things in Wollmeise Twin "Mond im 7. haus"
The second one was knit in Wollmeise sockenwolle twin 80/20, colorway "Mond im 7. haus". The yarn was very dry and splitty when I knit with it, this is the first time I've had that experience with Wollmeise, and as it was supposed to be a gift, I was very worried. I looked around for tips, and a helpful "bird" told me that she'd experienced the same, and that the yarn had acted better after soaking, so I should be safe. She was right, everything turned out ok.

tirsdag 20. mars 2012

Regler for langtidssyke med sykdommer som ikke vises på utsiden

This is a link to a Norwegian blog, so the post will be in Norwegian only.
Noen postet en link til denne bloggen på Twitter, med regler for oss som er langtidssyke med sykdommer som ikke vises på utsiden. Siden jeg kjenner meg igjen i mye av dette, måtte jeg bare poste dette her.

Jeg har for øvrig ikke glemt å komme tilbake med bilde av mitt "nye" hår, det kommer. Ting tar bare litt tid av og til. 

søndag 11. mars 2012

Henna part two

Ok, so if you happen to be my impatient sister, you are probably expecting to see a picture of my newly henndigoed hair here now. Well, sorry to disappoint you, sis, but there are a few things that you may or may not know about henna.

When you dye with henna, the henna takes some time to oxidize, this means that the "final" colour won't be true until a few days after the dyeing process. This is one of the things I find fascinating with henna. I actually went to bed yesterday with a lighter shade than when I woke up this morning! So you can probably understand why I won't put up a picture yet. I probably should have taken a picture last night when the dye process was finished, and have done a comparison over the next days, but I didn't think about it then, to be honest.

What I'll do, though, is put up the "recipe" I used yesterday, just in case anyone's interested.

I started with boiling up water, putting 3 bags of chamomile tea in a large mug, and adding the water. I let this cool off for a while. I put a 100 g bag of Fresh Organic Rajasthani Indian Henna Powder in a bowl, added the tea. I also like to add a few drops of essential oils, yesterday my mix was of lemongrass, thyme and clary sage oil. I mixed this well, covered it with plastic wrap, and let it rest until dye release. (I test the mix after ca 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour and so on, by putting a small amount of the mix in my palm. If it stains a bright orange colour, it's ready.)

When the henna mix is getting ready, I warm up some more water to 40 degrees Celsius. I measured up around 35 grams of indigo, and and mixed it with water. I then mixed the amla with water. All the three mixes were kind of thick, a bit thicker than yoghurt, I guess. I know the usual descriptions says pancake batter, but European pancake batter is quite thin, and I like my henna mixes thicker than that, so they don't start running when it's on the hair.

While all three mixes are resting, all covered with plastic wraps, I wash my hair, and add a little bit of hair oil to it afterwards. When the mixes have been resting for 15-20 minutes, I mix them all together, and on to the hair it goes! This process can be a bit messy, so covering the nearby surroundings can be an idea, if it's not safe for colouring.

When I'm all done, I cover my head with a plastic bag, then cover the plastic bag with a sarong that I only use for hair dyeing, and wait. Dyeing with henna takes longer than chemical dyes, yesterday I waited approx. 2 1/2 hours before rinsing out. Henna can be hard to get out, but if you add conditioner to the hair, it gets easier.

So, that is the whole process, I think. And while you're waiting, I'll give you a picture of Nemi.

lørdag 10. mars 2012


Since I'm sitting here with henndigo (henna and indigo) in my hair , I felt it was natural to write a blog post about it.

When you realize that your first gray hair has arrived before your 20th birthday, and and your hair had a mousey gray colour to begin with, I guess it's only natural that you've been experimenting with hair colouring. At least it was like that for me. I think I've been dyeing my hair since I was around 15, so more than half of my life. Of course, this isn't very healthy for the hair, being chemically treated every 6-8 weeks, especially since doing it on my own, I wasn't able to just do my roots, I did the whole hair. 

Then I discovered podcasts. And with podcasts, I discovered henna. It's been 5 months since I made my first order at Henna Sooq, after emailing with them, asking what they suggested for my hair, for the results I wanted. 

These months later, my hair feels healthier and I feel happier when dyeing my hair. Not only have I gotten rid of that nasty smell from the chemical dyes, but I also feel that I'm doing something to make my hair and scalp happy, not the opposite. Today, for example, I've added Amla to my henndigo recipe, to maintain my somewhat wavy hair, add volume and tone down the henna a bit. 

If you're interested in knowing more about henna, I suggest you read Henna Sooq's FAQ, or go to their blog, there's a lot of useful information there. 

Picture borrowed from Henna Sooq

I am in no way affiliated with Henna Sooq, nor have I received any form of payment for writing this post. These are my own personal opinions. 

søndag 4. mars 2012

Synchronising iTunes on a Mac with Android tablet

So, I've got myself a new toy, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. I love it so far, and I've been wondering how I can synchronise it with iTunes, so that I can bring it to work and listen to podcasts there. I wanted to put my videocasts on there as well, just in case, even though I will normally still watch them on my MacBook Air.

So, I've been trying this weekend to figure this out, and I thought I'd share it, in case anyone else needed it. What you need for the Android device, is iSyncr and iSyncr Wifi Add-On. For your Mac, you need iSyncr Desktop and iSyncr Wifi Server Add-On.  The Market apps cost a few dollars, but they seem worth it to me. It is quite plug and play, really, there is a tutorial in the app, that tells you what to do.

The problem I'm having, is that most of my video podcasts showed up as "Unknown". To fix that, go to iTunes on your Mac, choose the heading of the podcast you want to change. ( Please click on the pictures if you want to see them larger.)

Right click with your mouse, and show info. (My iTunes is Norwegian, so the specific menu might say something slightly different, but it should be of that effect.

Go to the Info pane:

As you can see, the Artist name is missing, so you need to add that. I just copy (cmd+c) from the Album and paste (cmd+v), and press OK.

Now you just need to do this on every video podcast that's missing the Artist name.

Good luck!


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